Hanoi, HCM City attractive to UK youths

Hanoi and Ho Hanoi, HCM City attractive to UK youthsChi Minh City are among cities in Southeast Asia favoured by young people in the United Kingdom thanks to cheap hotel rental and service.

According to a survey conducted by the website hotels.com on the rent of hotel worldwide in the first six months of this year, cost for 5 nights in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is only equivalent to a night in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil .

Averagely, cost for renting hotel in Phom Penh in the period was about 35 GBP /a day, while in Rio de Janeiro it was 180 GBP and in Sydney ( Australia ), 137 GBP .

Hanoi is ranked the second in the list of the cities, while Ho Chi Minh City stands at sixth position with 41 GBP and 60 GBP respectively.

In general, hotel rental in the Southeast Asian region decreased 2 percent in the reviewed period.

An investigation implemented by the Association of British Travel Agents last month also showed that Thailand is the most attractive destination for UK youngsters, followed by Australia, the United States and South Africa
Source VNA

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