How to venture Mekong on a cruise

Travelling to the south of Vietnam may be boring after a while when all you see is the sky scrapers clustering side by side the various historical sites in Hochiminh city. If you long for something more authentic, something different from the hustle bustle of a metropolitan, you might want to go on a cruise on a Mekong river for a change.


The Mekong delta consists of mainly flood plains that are gold for the development of agriculture. Because of its geographical make up, the delta is rich with intertwined water ways that give rise to floating villages, dense mangroves forest and lush fields just to name a few. These unique sites, which can be experienced on a 2day-1night cruise, will bring you different perspectives and feelings about the people and the nature in the delta.

There are a range of quality cruise ships, such as Mekong Eyes, La Marguerite or La Cochinchine, ranging from 3-star to 5-star to fit your budget. However, while most of the ships have wooden colonial style, they are equipped with modern equipment and facilities to make you feel as comfortable as possible. With $400/trip, you can have 3 quality meals on board, a 2-ways shuttle bus that pick you up from Hochiminh city to the dock at Cai Be and a chance to visit various local attractions. You can hop on a small boat that is well equipped with safety vest to explore the busy floating market or go on a canal tour through the orchards or leisurely cycle on the lush floral plains. If your feet are tired, you can simply lie on the cruise deck, being pampered with the on boat foot massage, and feast your eyes with the natural beauty of the delta. Whether you are travelling alone or are accompanied by your loved ones, there will be something for everybody to do to their hearts’ content.

If you are more relaxed with time, you can extend your Mekong cruise tour to 6-7 days to cross over the border to Cambodia. Your passports will be quickly processed with the help of the crew so you don’t need to walk a step from your room.

Besides joining a cruise with 20 plus strangers on a pre-designed tour, you can also book a private cruise for a big group with the destination on the Mekong delta chosen by you. These will definitely an unforgettable experience for anybody who is looking for a change of scenery and a sense of adventure.

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