Train Seats and Berths

* Hard-seat

Train Seats and Berths-1

* Hard-berth has three tiers of beds (six berths per cabin). The upper berth is cheapest and the lower is most expensive and their level of comfort ascends by the price.

Train Seats and Berths-2

* Soft-seat includes vinyl-covered seats.

Train Seats and Berths-3
* Soft-berth has two tiers of beds (four berths per cabin). Within this soft-berth option, the cabin quality also varies, ranging from wood-paneled one to harsh plastic one.

Train Seats and Berths-4

From Hanoi to Sa Pa, there is a supremely luxurious option, which have two berths per room with luxurious facilities as found in 4 or 5 star hotels. This includes  Livitrans TrainKing ExpressSapaly and Victoria trains.

Train Seats and Berths-5

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