Mekong Feeling Cruise

The MEKONG FEELING is the leading small boat cruise on the Mekong River as well as through the two countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. Hand crafted of fine wood according to local marine traditions focusing on excellent modern comfort, MEKONG FEELING cruise can accommodate 16 guests with 8 comfortable Staterooms including bathroom, a sunbathing yard, and a small well-designed elegant bar. The Staterooms will provide you with excellent comfort and are constructed with leading edge sound-proofing materials as well as perfect anti-shaking. The water heater and cooling system are located in the bathroom. “Safety First” – MEKONG FEELING has its own clean water supply system and all necessary fire prevention.

The MEKONG FEELING, is built for short-to medium-range cruises and is particularly adapted for ensure your cruise, will allow you to “Feel the Mekong Difference!” Tourists can freely choose the CLASSIC CRUISE, OVERVIEW CRUISE ON THE MEKONG, QUICK RIVER BORDERS CRUISE ACROSS VINH XUONG (VIETNAM) & KAOM SAMNAR (CAMBODIA) etc. With many years of experience in tourism and the enthusiastic, considerate and professional working staffs, tourists will certainly be satisfied with our company services.

Hence, come on board the MEKONG FEELING! Indulge yourself on the exclusive yet warm cruise to “Feel the Mekong Difference”!
Length (max): Lmax = 27,67 (m)
Width (max): Bmax = 7,62 (m)
Lenght of water line design: Lw = 23,62 (m)
Width design: Bth = 7.45 (m)
Width at boat deck: B = 7,60 (m)
Height broadside: H = 3,00 (m)
Sink water level: T = 1,50 (m)
Volume occupied water: ∆ = 170,89 (Ton)
Ship frame theory: ∆∟ = 2,36 (m)
Ship frame reality: = 0.40 (m)