Beautiful Mai Chau on the go

Mai Chau valley in the northern upland province of Hoa Binh is a must-see place for visitors to the province. From Hanoi, tourists are advised to take Highway 6 to Xuan Mai Town and then Hoa Binh City. They should pass the 12-km Cun slope to get to Cao Phong and Tan Lac districts before arriving in Mai Chau Valley.

Beautiful Mai Chau on the go

On the way to Mai Chau, people can admire local people’s daily activities and beautiful landscapes in mist.

Mai Chau is a small town with no luxury accommodation. Tourists who come in groups of 40 to 60 people should rent a stilt house with blankets, mattress, fan, TV and karaoke. They can order meals with the house’s owner. Some recommended dishes are sticky rice cooked in bamboo sticks served with chicken, local pork, steamed fish and can wine.

For leisure activities, travelers can try camping by a fire with a bamboo dance and take photos in brocade costumes of ethnic people.

Source: SGT

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