Conquering Doi Cape – the easternmost point of Viet Nam

We decided to conqueConquering Doi Cape – the easternmost point of Viet Namr Doi Cape, the easternmost point of the country, on Hon Gom Peninsula in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province last weekend when our group argued that Dien Cape in Phu Yen Province is not the easternmost point we had visited earlier.

It was really a hard day as we spent over seven hours to trek over 14 kilometers through sand dunes, three small mountains and giant rock hills. The breathtaking landscapes along the sea in Van Phong Bay are the greatest source of energy for us to conquer the rugged way, especially when all of us got too tired.

Departing from 10:30 a.m. at a border guard station in front of a sand dune when the sun came very high, on our back were small kit-bags packed with bottles of water, pieces of chocolate and some bread. Our journey could not be complete without a local woman guiding the tour. And all tourists there are suggested to have a tour guide even they are locals as there are some animal traps along the way and many turns that can make them get lost.

Anyway we got to Doi Cape formed by numerous spectacular rocks. The last thing to complete the subjugation is climbing on the last giant rock to touch a triangle metal stele with the carved words ‘Mui Doi.’

Standing on the rocks, we shouted joyfully for vanquishing the tough journey and our fear as well as our health limits. We again had to race against the sun to get back to the starting point because if the sun came down, it was difficult for us to go through the forest. Under the moonlight, we strolled like victorious warriors. We gasped, talked, sang and encouraged ourself to get out of the deserted sand dune at 7:30 p.m.

To find a local tour guide, tourists should call Mr Hai Chau at 0166 203 7427 or 0166 9565345.

Source: SGT

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