Tam Coc – heaven, mountain and water

About eTam Coc - heaven, mountain and wateright kilometers from Ninh Binh City, Tam Coc is known as one of the best destinations in the country’s north and even referred to as Halong Bay in the mainland.

Tam Coc means three caves, which are Ca, Hai and Ba. Cruising along the Ngo Dong River, tourists can see the three. Along the river banks are peaceful rice fields, cliffs and some old temples.

In Tam Coc, visitors may feel lost in a hidden fairy site which is adorned with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and colors sparkling like gemstones.

Drifting along the gentle river under the grotto, travelers can sense the deeply pure atmosphere with a special smell of fresh river water and cool air from the limestone mountains.

The area used to be the capital of many royal dynasties from Dinh and Pre-Le from the 10th to early 11th centuries.

Source: SGT

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