Thung Nai seen as Ha Long Bay on land

With a perfect combination of mountains, forests, and peaceful lakes, Thung Nai in the northern province of Hoa Binh has become the epitome of poetic landscapes, attracting tourists from all corners of the world.

When you arrive in Thung Nai in Hoa Binh’s Cao Phong district, it should come as no surprise you will be enchanted by Ha Long Bay on land and the Muong ethnic group, indigent to the region.

Thung Nai seen as Ha Long Bay on land

Legend has it that “Thung Nai”, was once a great valley covered by vast forests, and the home to countless numbers of deer.  The name, “Thung Nai” literally means “the Valley of Deer”, and hence that is how its name originated

For decades, Thung Nai has become famous for its huge lake containing water powering the hydropower plant on Da River and the surrounding mountainous areas creating an ecosystem rich in flora and fauna.

The best time to visit Thung Nai is in the autumn and spring when the valley is filled with the romantic lake water and small islands are covered by green color of coconut trees.

Travelling to Thung Nai, tourists can also visit Thac Bo cave – a national heritage – and discover the scenic beauty and distinctive culture of the Muong ethnic minority people.

Thac Bo is a deep cave separated by many levels. Behind the high and large entrance, visitors see multi-shaped stalactites mirrored on a limpid pond and listen to the stone musical instruments and gongs of the Muong ethnic group.

Many tourists in Thung Nai choose the Windmill guesthouse located on a small island as an ideal place for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The guesthouse area consists of a large two-storey redbrick house and a windmill offering visitors a breath-taking view of Thung Nai, and a stilt house functioning as a communal dinning place.

Staying in the Windmill, tourists will be served local specialties like grilled Muong pork, grilled Da River fish, hill chicken, and straw wine. After the dinner, tourists, especially the youngsters often gather for the campfire in front of the guesthouse, and watching the sparkling fishing canoe floating in the lake by night.

Thung Nai impresses anyone who sees it from the very first time with the harmonious combination of mountains, lakes and charming stilt houses nestled in between high hills.

Try to visit Thung Nai once in your life, tourists can enjoy the beauty of wild nature and witness the life of ethnic minority people living on the mountainous areas. Thung Nai promises to bring great tourism potential to Hoa Binh Province in the near future.

Some photos on romantic Thung Nai:

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