Visit the largest pottery village of Cham people

Bau Truc in central Viet Nam is worth visiting as it offers travelers an opportunity to observe a unique way of making pottery items and purchase pottery household appliances of different shapes.
Visit the largest pottery village of Cham people

To learn how products are made at the largest traditional pottery village of Cham people, visitors have to ride a motorcycle or travel by car through a distance of 15 kilometers from Phan Rang City in the central coastal province of Ninh Thuan. There, many locals of Phuoc Dan Town in Ninh Phuoc District still keep a traditional technique of making pottery without having to use a spinning as they use their hands only to craft items from a mixture of clay and sand.

After pottery products are molded, they will be dried in the sun and then burned in a kiln which is fued by paddy straw or wood overnight to become hard and read for use. There is a wide selection of items available in various designs and colors for visitors to choose.

Source: SGT

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