Xuan Son National Park – attractive site in Phu Tho

Xuan Son National Park – attractive site in Phu ThoXuan Son National Park in Tan Son District, Phu Tho Province is endowed with diverse ecosystems with many valued flora and fauna species, untouched natural beauty, ideal climate and original cultural identities of ethnic people.

The park is receiving investment to make it a tourist hotspot and help drive the locality’s socio-economic growth.

Located around 120 kilometers from Hanoi, Xuan Son National Park covers more than 15,000 hectares. It is the 12th largest national park in Vietnam with 84 percent forest coverage so it is the green lung and attractive hotspot of the northwest region.

With pure water and clean air, temperatures in Xuan Son average 22-23 degrees Celsius all year round. During a 24-hour period in the park, tourists may experience the four seasons: the morning is as cool as spring, noon is as warm as summer, the wind in the afternoon is as gentle as that in autumn and the evening can be a little cold like winter.

The park is home to 365 animal species, of which 46 are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book and 18 others in the World Red Book. Xuan Son is home to typical species of the northwestern region such as langurs, gibbons, civets, squirrels, bears, leopards, pheasants and peacock pheasants.

The park has 726 species of vascular plants. At the intersection of flora from Indo-Malaysia and China’s Huanan regions, Xuan Son’s vegetation is dominated by chestnut trees, oaks and magnolias. Besides its rich flora and fauna, the park also owns numerous striking natural landscapes like its 1,000 meter-plus peaks, namely Mount Voi, Mount Ten and Mount Can as well as hundreds of caves, streams and waterfalls.

After being weather-beaten by wind and water, rocks have formed into 16 grottoes with splendid stalactites systems in diverse colors and shapes, inspiring visitors to imagine many interesting things. And there is Fairy Cave,     a hidden cave in the heart of the mountain and is 10 kilometers long. In the cave, there are numerous small holes leading to the mountains peaks giving some cool ventilation to the interior spaces. In the cave there is also a lake with many species of fish.

Moreover, ethnic groups residing in the park still maintain their own culture with costumes, festivals, handicrafts, brocades, dances and cuisine. Moreover, Xuan Son together with Tam Dao in Vinh Phuc province and Ba Vi in Hanoi form a triangle of spectacular landscapes and legendary sites.

(Sai Gon Times)

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