Downstreaming on Gam River

You have to be brave enough to drift along from east to west then north to south to really appreciate the beauty of the Gam River.

Departing from Cao Bang Province’s Bao Lam District, where the Gam River starts on its way down from China, flowing to Bao Lac Mountain then merging with the Nho Que River flowing from Dong Van Plateau, tourists will see that the river is the living pulse, origin and love of ethnic people of Mong, Tay, Nung and Dong who have lived in this area and lived off the river for many generations.

Wise fishermen sit along the number of waterfalls on Gam River, the section between Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces which is home to fish typical of the north: anh vu, dam anh, lang, bong and chien. Flowing through 217 kilometers in the north of the country, the Gam River provides locals not only with fish, but with shrimp and other fresh water species.

Drifting along the river, tourists should not forget to stop at Na Hang, a small town by the river where is endowed with some magnificent mountains, mysterious primeval forests and splendid streams.

The town is also famous for the Tac Ke-Ban Nung natural reserve, covering over 42 square kilometers and running over the communes of Con Lon, Khau Tinh, Son Phu, Vinh Yen and Thanh Tuong. The area is home to thousands of rare fauna and flora species.

Tourists will also meet Nui Do canyon with its two mountain walls standing imposingly as if from the heavens as the clouds swoop down over the limestone cliffs.

On the way to Tuyen Quang Province, tourists will meet Pac Ta Mountain which looks like an elephant beside a wine bottle. At the mountain is an old temple where many pilgrims come to pray for a lucky life. The magnificence of the mountain has attracted nature lovers, photographers as well as poets and writers.

You will also come across Bac Me District in Ha Giang Province. The District’s Ban Lan Hamlet of Yen Phu Commune is a must for tourists. There you can discover many riddles of the forests with its abundant ecosystem and learn more about colorful customs and culture of Tay ethnic group.

Apart from the craft villages and intangible cultural features, tourists will also be amazed by the weird shapes and stalactites of Dan Cum Cave which were formed millions of years ago and are considered home to ancient Vietnamese prehistoric man.
(Source: Sai Gon time)