Experience to enter Vietnam


I’ve just come back from Vietnam in January 2020. This is a charming country with hospitality people, natural sightseeing and diversity of culture, especially cuisine. When traveling to Vietnam it can be confusing to figure out what type of visa you should get so today i will share about my own experience. Hope this would be helpful if you’re planning to travel to Vietnam.

If you are coming as a tourist, you have to sort your visa out before you show up at the airport. There are 3 ways to get visas and there is always an option right:

  1. You can get a visa at an Embassy or consulate nearest your place, however it was not my choice because i am not a fan of giving up my passport and coming at least twice to fill my visa application offline and get a visa.
  2. You can get E-visa but it only available for 80 countries and it is only good for 30 days, single entry. There is only 1 link you can search for: https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/
  3. You can get an approval letter from a trusted travel agency. The question is who can use this way?- Actually all travelers can get visa in this way and it is the simplest and easiest choice for people from all walks of life.

Basically, visa on arrival (VOA) is issued at a Vietnam international airport as soon as you arrive. Your Vietnam visa will be solved by Immigration Department through a company offering visa assistance service. It is good for people who stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days or need to be able to come and go for the country multiple times.

By the way, applying for a visa on arrival is really simple, you just need to apply online and will not need to provide a bunch of sophisticated information, you just need to fill in an online application form or send your photo of passport via a trusted website. Then a couple of days later unless you want to push up expedite it faster within a few hours, you get a letter in Email and present it when you get to Vietnam

Arrival Immigration in Noi Bai airport

If you do VOA, you need to know that is going to be a bit of a more lengthy process once you are at the airport. In the VOA counter area where people are getting actually issuing visas so you will give them your pre-approval letter paperwork, entry form and passport. They check everything over, you wait for a little while then you also need to pay for stamping fee here depending on your type of visa you get. After checking you will get back your passport then bring it to the Immigration counter area to get anImmigration stamp. I think it could be anywhere from a half-hour to over an hour, how long this processing time takes really depends upon how many people are at this time. Big thanks to my travel agency is Vietnamvisa.org.vn who prepared all things I needed and supported me at the airport with all care and patience.

Another thing to note if you are going to do a visa on arrival option, you need to look around because there are actually multiple agencies that offer this kind of service and they have it for different prices. You know there is not any sort of fixed price, the price that is fixed is the stamping fee which is the fee you pay once you get to Vietnam airport. Another note is if you want to have US dollars on you so definitely prepare for that in advance so you are not stuck unable to pay for your fee. So it is a really smooth and easy process, I personally recommend a travel agency called Vietnamvisa.org.vn which produces a very great trip for me.

Thanks to Vietnamvisa.org.vn and Vietnamese people for that amazing trip! I’ll be back. I hope you have a memorable trip to Vietnam. You may save your money and avoid stress if you prepare the visa right when planning the trip.

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