How to travel to the famous Tay Ninh province by public transport

Is this the first time you have ever been in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)? Then you want to go to Tay Ninh province that has been written a lot in many travel guidebooks. But you feel very confused of unclear information seen from public media and now worry about how to get to that place safely and especially, at the lowest cost available. So you should definitely read this article which bases on experience shared by my nephew at Eviva Tour Vietnam.

There probably are two ways to Tay Ninh from HCMC:
The first one is departure from Ben Thanh bus station in District 1 to Cu Chi town in Cu Chi district. This major station is easy to find out since it is always busy and near the famous Ben Thanh Market. There will be a few bus lines to the destination but the most direct one should be line 13, departs every 10 minutes. In case you forget this, just ask around (like I did). I don’t really know why such a major bus is as just small as a 24-seat car but it takes you 12,000 VND. Both the traffic and the road are not quite well so that the bus runs at a slow speed. It takes you nearly 1 hour to finish about 50 km to Cu Chi town. Then get off the bus and walk to the bus station right at the center of the town.

CuChisThere is only one bus to Tay Ninh so look for it. This bus costs you 24,000 VND for over 50 km from Cu Chi to the center of Tay Ninh province. And probably, you will have to spend another 1 hour on board. The advantage of this way is that you can go visit the very famous Cu Chi Tunnel which is 20 km away from the center of Cu Chi in a while and then keep moving on the route to Tay Ninh.

The second will suit those want to directly go to Tay Ninh. Get yourself to An Suong bus station which is a major station in District 12, almost 10 km to the center of HCMC. Now there will be many choices for you at 60000 – 70000 VND. The one I’ve had a good experience from is Dong Phuoc which offers very clean, polite and punctual 16-seat cars departing every 10 minutes. The center of Tay Ninh is about 100 km away and takes nearly 2 hours on road. Since this is a 2-way bus you can, of course, take another one back home. The only disadvantage, from my point of view, would be the far distance from the center of HCMC to An Suong station.

Well, that’s all for a safe and cheap travel to your wanted place. Not too difficult to follow, ehr? Be smart and have a good trip.

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