New rice Festival of the M’Nong

Time: At the beginning of harvest (at the end of the seventh and the beginning of the eighth lunar months).
Place: Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) Region and Binh Phuoc Province.
Characteristics: The biggest Tet of the M’Nong in a year.

The M’Nong often prepare for Tet when they start sowing rice and then wait for ripening rice. Tet is held at mountain fields, tray of rice is offered to Heaven, after that every one plucks a handful of rice off and put in baskets, called “inviting rice to home”. Guests give the hosts best wishes, and then the hosts invite every one cluster round cooking fire to eat and drink. When finish eating and drinking, people start playing gongs and dancing till very late at night, sometimes till tomorrow morning. Harvest rice is divided in to three parts: one for eating, one for buying things, one for buffalo, cow and other animals which help a lots people in having rice.