Thuong Temple Spring Festival

Time: 11th to the 15th day of the first lunar month.
Place: Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province.
Objects of worship: Tran Hung Dao.
Characteristics: A palanquin procession, tug of war contest, wrestling contest, and con throwing, sticks pushing, no (arbalest) shooting.

Thuong Temple Spring Festival Thuong Temple is located on the Hoa Hieu Hill, Lao Cai City, dedicated to Tran Hung Dao – the famous general of Tran Dynasty. He commanded the Dai Viet troops defensive in Lao Cai in 1257. The spring festival is organized at the cutural center of Lao Cai Ward and Thuong and Mau Temples. The ceremonies include the opening festival, processions of the Holy Mother and Thien hau Nuong; worshipping ceremony takes place on the 14th day, thanksgiving ceremony is on the 15th day to pray for peaceful and prosperous things to everyone. It involves traditional singing and dancing performances and mountainous ethnic games: con throwing, arbalest shooting, tug of war, stick pushing, wrestle, cocks fighting, swinging… The spring festival is alco displayed brocade souvernirs, local goods which are made by girls of the Mong, the Dao, the Thai…