Unforgettable trip in northern Vietnam

Vietnam is always a potential destination to visit in Asia. Each part of Viet Nam has its own attractions: beaches, mountains and lively cities. Although spending a half-month holiday, I felt like I had only scratched the surface of Viet Nam.

Let me tell you what I have experienced in northern Vietnam, particularly Sapa and Halong Bay.


The typical way to travel to Sapa from Ha Noi is train. Trains depart in the evening and will reach Sapa in the next morning. Overnight on the train was comfortable, not like I scared initially. To have a deepest sleep, you should book an air-conditioned soft sleeper cabin.

Once I pulled into Sapa village, taking in the spectacular views of mountains all around, the feeling of relaxing immediately came to me, like you are in a life which is far a million miles away from daily life.

Sapa panoramic view

In Sapa, there are many ethnic minority groups, such as H’mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay…,etc. Each wears its different brightly colored handmade clothing depending on the tribe.

If you visit Sapa from Aug to Sep, you will have a chance to gaze how beautiful rice terrace fieldss are. All around you will be covered by the yellow of rice – an amazing picture that is deserved to be one of the most magnificent terraced fields in the world.

If you can ride a motorbike well, it is highly recommended to hire a motorbike to move in Sapa.. I asked my nephew’s girlfriend – Ms. Le – who have has been working at Eviva Tour Company to book a hotel for me. I stayed at Thai Binh Sapa Hotel; it is value-worthy of value. The rooms were comfortable and clean. The staff werestaff was friendly and helpful. The hotel is in at a great location, very near to the busy shopping and restaurant area and at the base of the Hamrong Mountain.

Ha Long Bay

Since 2012, after Halong Bay has becaome one of the 7 world wonders, all boats in the bay had to change their color to white, and from an aesthetic point of view this has been had a strong impact.

Island on Halong Bay, Vietnam

I joined the 6-hour tour in Ha Long and visited Surprising cave – Titop beach – Dog rock – Fighting Cocks – Ba Hang fishing village. I was so surprised when exploring the natural beauty of the caves which was created during thousand to million years. The formations give impressions of shapes/cartoons/characters, where your imagination can take over.

I was recommended by Ms. Le to take the 2 days 1 night tour in Ha Long inclusive accommodation/meals and normally water sports, cooking class and visiting the fishing village huts but due to limitation of time, I promise to visit here again in the near future to experience more and more.

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