Vieng Market Festival

Time: 8th day of the first lunar month.
Place: Kim Thai Commune, Vu Ban District and Nam Giang Town, Nam Truc District, Nam Dinh Province.
Characteristics: Opens only one in a year, selling and buying things for lucky.

– Vieng Market Festival (Vu Ban District): display goods for sale and buy such as handicraft products, antiquities and false antiquities, utensils, tools for agriculture production, and many kinds of ornamental plants. Specialities are barbecued beef and giay cake.

– Vieng Festival in Chua Market (Nam Truc District): opens according to the custom of giving a feast to the troops after the victory of King Quang Trung in the spring of Ky Dau year (1789). There are sacrifies – offering ceremony and a procession of god.