Hanoi Beer among world’s cheapest beer

Hanoi Beer among world’s cheapest beerVietnam is listed in first place among the five top destinations serving the cheapest beer in the world, according to Thrillist edition – a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand.

Thrillist says the only thing better than drinking a cold beer in a foreign land is drinking a six-pack for less than a fiver. And there are destinations across the globe where a big night’s bar tab can be covered by the coins in your pocket.

According to Thrillist, in Vietnam the average price for a pint is US$0.76. It reports that “What you’ll be drinking: Almost assuredly Bia Hoi, on ice. While US$0.76 a pint is the average, it’s pretty common to find a 12oz glass of this 3% ABV pale lager for as little as US$0.20 cents. For the bottled alternative, go with the Hanoi Beer. Pair it with: Assuming you’ve had your fill of Pho (rice noodle with beef or chicken), and Banh mi (bread), and try a glass with Ca kho to (catfish cooked in a clay pot).”

Also mentioned on the list of cheapest beer are Cambodia, Ukraine, the Philippines and Ethiopia.

(Source: VOV)

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