Self-isolation for coronavirus in Vietnam?

Since the start of the pandemic (Covid-19) outbreak, I saw what Vietnamese did to save the country in person so i would like to share my experience in Vietnam to show the reason why they have the ability to win this pandemic.

After getting a visa on arrival via a trusted travel website named, we entered Vietnam on 12 Mar and stayed in Vietnam during the pandemic outbreak. Currently, Vietnamese Government strongly applies social distancing in the whole country, which is the best method until now to minimize the number of cases and closely monitor the situation and install a series of proactive, comprehensive measures to combat the spread of the virus within the country. In addition, you can read more news at the following link:

Latest Update on Vietnam Immigration Policy During COVID-19

Current snapshot of Sar-Cov-2 cases in Vietnam on 01 July 2020

Confirmed infections 355
Recovered cases 335
Deaths 0

The risk of infection is very low if you have not been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19 so I and my girlfriend almost stayed inside watching movies and cooking as days pass by. We came outside twice per week to buy grocie and unlike other countries, we find anything needed at a nearby store and Vietnamese do not buy too much supplies and prices do not change even few stores are still open. when we go outside, the amount of traffic has decreased significantly, there is no traffic congestion, no street vendors and the air is very fresh. As the weekend pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake, my favorite spot, is closed but unlike my imagination, all people staying in Hà Nội act as usual and perhap they do not mind about it at all.

The worth mentioned here is the spirit of Vietnamese from all walks of life, they have strongly believed that they will win this pandemic so every little change happens everyday which makes me feel better at this hard quarantine time. Isolation can be boring and you have to take care of your mental health.

Against all odds, I feel safer staying in Hà Nội than I would be in my country where the treatment expenses are very expensive and not everybody gets insurance to cover or partially cover necessary treatments.

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