Step back in time at Hoi An Town

Tourists or locals keen to admire landscapes and Vietnam of the past, are most likely to head to Hoi An. There the passion of discovering the natural beauty of the nation is easily done with the romantic and unique features of the world heritage ancient town.

The diversity of a complex of relics, pristine landscapes of old streets, river banks, religious, civil and folk architectural works in an urban area by Thu Bon River, near Dai Beach, combined with the town’s history and natural conditions make Hoi An such an attractive spot.

Coming to Hoi An, strolling along Hoai River or walking amidst the ancient town, tourists may not realize it but the town used to be a busy trading center in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Hoi An was the cradle of Sa Huynh Civilization and home to cultural relics of My Son, Tra Kieu and Cu Lao Cham cultures.

Highlights of the old town include various relics and diverse architecture and designs and chilling under the shade of malabar almond trees.

Tourists will be able to appreciate the vestiges of time and the lull of space on ancient homes with green moss, old trees and bas reliefs. There are many old pagodas worth a visit such as Cau, Long Tuyen, Phu Kien or Ba Mu.

Amidst the town are also many old communal houses, ancient wells and traditional long houses of ethnic people.

Architecture in Hoi An is a harmonious combination of Vietnam, China and Japan, creating an unique look in this area. Moreover, Hoi An is also blessed with a fresh and cool climate.

On Thursday, Hoi An is more upbeat with outdoor folk artistic performances on full-moon nights. Lingering under the moonlight with colorful lights of lanterns, hanging around the old streets and listening to folk songs of the past and joining folk games, tourists will have some amazing and unforgettable moments.


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