Tra Vinh opens Nghinh Ong festival

The festive spTra Vinh opens Nghinh Ong festivalirit of the annual Nghinh Ong (Whale Worshiping) festival pervades My Long township in Tra Vinh province’s Cau Ngang district with various rituals to worship the whale, Ca Ong, and pray for good seas, happiness and prosperity.

Thousands of fishermen and local residents from Tra Vinh and the Mekong Delta coastal provinces have flocked to the annual festival, which opened on the 11th day of the sixth lunar month (June 17), to show their gratitude to Ca Ong.

Fishermen for a long time have considered Ca Ong as a god and believe that whales rescue people in danger at sea and can bring them a better fishing season.

The three-day festival has been maintained over the last 94 years and includes ceremonies and offerings to seek fair winds and good luck at sea. It also features fairs, art performances, folk games, and sports competitions.

On the occasion, the organisers also offer 30 scholarships worth VND500,000 each to children of disadvantage fishermen.

(Source: Nhan Dan Online)

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