Vietnam aims to attract more international visitors

The GovernmVietnam aims to attract more international visitorsent has approved a National Action Programme on Tourism for the 2013-2020 period, which aims for the tourism industry to attract about 7-7.5 million international tourists and about 36-37 million domestic tourists by 2015, which should generate estimated total revenue of US$10-11 billion.

The numbers are expected to increase to 10-10.5 million foreign tourists and 47-48 million domestic tourists with estimated revenue of US$18-19 billion by 2020.

The programme is intended to support the development of tourism products and services which are suitable for Vietnam’s markets and accommodate the characteristics of each individual tourist attraction in the country.

In particular, it will transfer the model for development, management and quality control of tourism products and services to each locality, while giving priority for the national development of core tourism products and services such as sea and island tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism, and thematic tourism to the National Tourism Year programme.

The scheme seeks to build a strong national tourism brand. A wide range of both domestic and foreign marketing campaigns will also be undertaken to promote tourism.

In addition, the programme aims to develop a wide range of projects to make use of tourism resources, develop national tourist destinations towards sustainability, and to create quality management programmes for tourism.

The plan also aims to reduce the environmental impact of tourism activities and improve the quality of tourism personnel.


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