Vietnamese culture on display in Switzerland

An exhibiqVietnamese culture on display in Switzerlandtion casting the spotlight on the uniqueness of the metaphorical cultural identity of Viet Nam was recently wrapped up at the International Conference Centre in Geneva.

The event, held to coincide with the 130th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly, aimed to facilitate intercultural communications and help international friends better understand the subtleties of Vietnamese culture.

Covering more than 50 square metres, the space was divided into a variety of categories for handicrafts, lacquer paintings, publications introducing the inherent beauty of the landscape, and attractive tourist destinations.

Visitors also had the chance to enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine and a series of art performances featuring traditional Vietnamese instruments such as monochord, t’rung, and klongput.

“The musical performances deeply communicated the nonphysical aspect of Vietnamese culture. This is the harmony between nature, humans, and sounds,” said Mansoori, an IPU delegate from Kazakhstan.

“I really love the cultural space here. I will come to Viet Nam next year to explore the country’s art and culture,” he said.

Source: VOV

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