Visiting Khmer culture museum in Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh Visiting Khmer culture museum in Tra Vinhis prided as a green city with many large seasoned trees bringing a peaceful and shady atmosphere for visitors.

Along with some popular destinations such as Ba Dong Beach, Ba Om Pond Tourist Area and many Khmer pagodas, Khmer Culture Museum which is located next to Ba Om Pond is also recommended as a good venue for those keen to explore Khmer culture and antiques.

The museum, built in 1995, is home to many artifacts and documents featuring the culture, materials and spiritual life of Khmer people in the Mekong Delta. The museum boasts spacious and large surroundings with many flowers and ornamental trees.

The museum has architecture mixed in harmony of tradition and modern d├ęcor. The first display area will feature replicas of many famous Khmer pagodas.

To the area, visitors seem to enter a world which arouses imagination and romance via artworks made by talented hands of artisans.

The highlights of the area are statues of genie bird named Key-no and bird-human Pro-nam which are often used to decorate Khmer pagodas.

The second area displays traditional farming tools such as fishing traps and weaving looms made of varied materials from bamboo, wood, brocade and coconut shells. Despite being farming tools, artifacts prove the dexterity and talents of Khmer people. The sickles for cutting rice are carved with genie birds or snakes and dragons and most tools have elegantly and meticulously carved patterns.

The area also exhibits traditional costumes of Khmer people as well as the written language system and its development. Tourists will also have a chance to enjoy a fashion show.

The third area is for traditional musical instruments and masks and costumes for actors. Artifacts reproduce two genres of theater arts of Khmer people, including Ro-bam originated from royal dance and Du-ke folk singing.


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