Water Tourism potential introduced

The Scientific Union for Sustainable Tourism Development (STWater Tourism potential introducedDe) hosted a seminar in Hanoi on September 28, introducing the potential for developing water tourism in Vietnam.

Delegates emphasised the importance of Vietnamese tourism’s sustainable development, increasing customer satisfaction and business revenues while limiting the industry’s environmental impact.

STDe scientists and 100 Hanoi University of Civil Engineering students have developed ‘water tourism’ products to promote Vietnam’s tourism values.

The STDe’s resulting ideas for tourist attractions include giant soap bubbles, water and light shows, and fountains and light sculptures.

It regards water as one of the tourism sector’s most precious resources, and with proper management, water tourism can deliver many benefits to both local communities and the nation as a whole.

The seminar’s organising board also awarded certificates of merit to the university students who contributed to the STDe’s research.


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